TUG 2016 fountain pen auction

For TUG 2016, fountain pens will be presented as a small token to the special guests. The pens were manufacturered by the Airmail Pen Co. in India, chosen because Pavneet has had exceptionally positive experiences with their work. The pens have had a long journey: Pune > Jalandhar > Chicago > St. Joseph, MI > Port Huron, MI > Bolton, ON.

To raise funds for TUG, three pens will be (silently) auctioned.

The pen and ink colors available will depend on the speakers' selections. The pens come in violet, gold, red, and blue colors, and the ink in permanent black and royal blue, as shown.

To bid, email tug2016-pens@tug.org; it will also be possible to bid in person at the conference. Bids will be accepted until Thursday (July 28) morning at 08:30, with a minimum of $50 (Canadian dollars).

The winners will be announced at the banquet. In the event of a tie, winners will be chosen randomly.

Get a great pen and support TUG!

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