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Currency exchange: there are F/X kiosks in the airport, but rates will be better downtown, e.g., College Currency; other exchanges. Shops may also accept US currency directly, but most likely at par or a low exchange rate.


Parking and directions: our hotel, Bond Place, offers parking (the rate may be higher than listed there, e.g., $25/night); that page also has directions. Of course any map site can also get you directions.

Hotel address: 65 Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5B 2GB.
Hotel phone: 416-362-6061 (or toll-free: 800-268-9390).

Air - from Pearson International (YYZ)

A taxi (or minivan, etc.) is one simple option, though comparatively expensive (starting at $55 + tip; 10-20% is customary).

The best public transportation option is to travel by UP Express from Pearson (airport code YYZ) to Union Station in downtown Toronto. From Union Station, take the Yonge line of the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) to travel northbound, and get off at the Dundas St stop. A short walk eastward will get you to Bond St. The Bond Place hotel is at the southwest corner of Dundas St E and Bond St (65 Dundas). Specifics:

  1. Using a Presto Card qualifies you for the Presto fare of the UP Express, which is $9 each way. The regular fare is $12, but you'll want to use the subway later, so get the Presto Card. The Presto Card can also be used on a per journey basis at most of the TTC subway stations and streetcars. Basic information about Presto (PDF), map of Presto-capable stations (PDF).
  2. You can purchase a Presto Card at Terminal 1 of the airport: downloadable airport map, including kiosk and the UP Express locations.
  3. If you are arriving at Terminal 3 you can use the Link Train, which connects the two terminals at Pearson. Its location at Terminal 1 is also shown on the downloadable map in the previous item.
  4. From Pearson you can be at Union Station in about a half hour. To orient yourself, here is a downloadable map of the Union Station area.
  5. From the UP Express station at Union, you need to make your way eastward to get to the TTC part of Union Station. Union Station is a major hub for several transportation services, and can be bewildering. If you walk through the main building (highly recommended because it is splendid), you will need to get to the lower level and then watch for the tunnels which will take you under Front St to the TTC station.
  6. Use your Presto Card to get into TTC and find your way downstairs. Ensure that you take the northbound train, towards Finch. Subway map of the TTC.
  7. You need to get off at Dundas, which is only the third stop up from Union. When you exit, you will be at the lower levels of Eaton Centre, a large shopping complex. Make your way up to the street level using the escalators or elevators.
  8. When you are leaving the Eaton Centre onto the street you will find yourself at one of the busiest pedestrian intersections in the downtown. It is usually vibrant with street performers, and very high energy. In any such environment, it is prudent for travelers to be mindful of their belongings. This is the intersection of Dundas and Yonge Sts.
  9. Cross over, and make your way eastward on Dundas St E to Bond St. Yonge St is the division for the E and W parts of Dundas St.
  10. The hotel is located at the southwest corner of Dundas St and Bond St, a couple of blocks, depending on where you come out.
  11. If you prefer, and luggage/timing permits, walking from Union Station to the hotel is about 1mi/1.5km.

Air - from Billy Bishop Island (YTZ)

From Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (code YTZ): map and general guidance to leave the island airport. Then connect to the 509 Harbourfront streetcar (route details) to travel eastward to Union Station. From Union Station you can follow the instructions above to transfer to the subway line.

The 509 streetcar makes its way directly into the lower level of Union Station where the subway is, and the original streetcar fare also allows for the transfer.

An alternative is the free shuttle from Billy Bishop to Union Station. This shuttle leaves you off at the surface level of Union Station, and you then need to make your way into the lower levels to the subway.

a taxi from Billy Bishop to the hotel is likely around $30 plus tip (10-20% is customary).


The train will bring you into Union Station. Follow directions above to get from Union Station to the hotel.


The Greyhound bus terminal is a short walk from the hotel. If you are carrying too much luggage to walk, you can take the Dundas St streetcar to travel eastward towards Bond St: map.


An article just for fun: Welcome to the new Toronto: the most fascinatingly boring city in the world.

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